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Swim Lessons

NOTE: It is required that children 9 and under be accompanied by an adult at all times while at our YMCA. No Front Entry drop-off or pick-up. Please walk your child to and from their supervised program. 
**Parent/Guardian of non-member youth attending programs may purchase a day pass to use the facility or enjoy our Front Lobby Welcome Center while waiting.**

Summer Learn to Swim Everyone Swims!
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Progressive Swim Classes Session Registration:

Summer Session #1:   June 10th - July 13, 2024
Registration Members: Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Non-member Registration: Monday, May 13, 2024
Member Early Registration:  (NO Early registration for June/July session.)

Summer Session #2:   July 15th - August 17, 2024
Registration Members: Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Non-member Registration: Monday, July 8, 2024
Member Early Registration:  Monday, July 1, 2024 (From 8:00 am - 4:00 pm for Progressive Swim Lessons. Must register for the exact same class/time as currently enrolled.)


Registration: Because of the necessary swim waiver that needs to be signed by a parent/legal guardian, swim lessons may not be registered for online. Please register at the front desk, or you may call to register if your child already has a waiver on file. All Progressive Swim Lessons run in 5-week sessions. Parent observation is usually the final day of each 5-week session unless otherwise stated. Classes may be canceled if there is insufficient enrollment. Children MUST be potty-trained. No disposable or swim diapers are permitted, except for Swim Starters Stages (ages 6-35 months).
All swimmers must have a swim waiver on file. Download, print and submit below waiver or stop at Front Welcome Desk to complete. Fax swim waiver to 814-726-7124 or email to jennifer@warrenymca.org.

Swimming Waiver


Progressive Swim Program for Children

The Y has been providing swim lessons since 1910, and it's our mission that children learn to be safe around water and enjoy the benefits that come with learning to swim. As part of a nationwide YMCA effort to provide consistency in swim lesson formats and increase the safety of children in and around water, we have recently upgraded our swim lesson program to the YMCA Stages for Swimming. The upgrade will enable our instructors to provide more personalized attention to all swimmers, and we've added elements of the YMCA's Safety Around Water program that teaches the critical skills sets kids need if they unexpectedly find themselves in water.

Natural Progression: Swimmers will be taught the same skills in all age groups. They will be divided into classes based on their age, skills progression and developmental milestones.

Emphasis on Water Safety: In addition to swimming skills, swimmers will learn water and personal safety customized for our area. Swimmers will be introduced to safety strategies such as asking permission to go near the water or the principles of boating safety. The Warren YMCA is dedicated to reducing the risk of drowning, which is a leading cause of death among youth and adults.

Integrating Core Values: The Warren YMCA is committed to reaching the whole child: Physically, Mentally, and Socially. Lessons will include an age-appropriate session to introduce, model, and celebrate the four core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.


  1. Swim Starters: Ages 6-35 months
  2. Swim Basics: Preschool (Ages 3-kindergarten) OR 1st grade & up (Levels 1-3)
  3. Swim Strokes: 1st grade & up (Levels 4-6)

*We also offer Private Swim Lessons.


1. Swim Starters:

Level A - Water Discovery / Level B - Water Exploration
(Ages 6-35 Months) 

Accompanied by a parent or guardian, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills through fun and confidence-building experiences. Parents and guardians learn about water safety, drowning prevention, and the importance of supervision around water. Swimmers begin with Level A and progress to Level B before moving to Swim Basics at age 3. Grandparents, relatives, or babysitters are welcome to participate in lieu of a parent. This is a 5-week session program. All children must wear swim diapers if not potty-trained. Must have a swim waiver on file to register.

LEVEL A: Introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment and helps them to be comfortable in the water through fun confidence-building experiences. Designed for the child's first time in the water. Parents accompany children and introduce them to the aquatics environment..

LEVEL B: Parent/Guardian works with their infant/toddler to learn to be comfortable in the water. Parents accompany children to explore body position, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatic skills. 


Summer 2024 Swim Starters Classes: (Ages 6-35 months)

Day: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 11:00 - 11:30 am
Fee: $17.00 YMCA Member (child) / $36.00 Non-Member (For 5-week session)

Day: Saturday
Time: 9:30 - 10:00 am 
Fee: $14.00 YMCA Member / $28.00 Non-Member (For 5-week session) 
Summer Drop in Fee: $4.00 YMCA Member / $8.00 Non-Member


2. Swim Basics:

Stages 1-3 (Ages 3 and UP) 

Students learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency by learning benchmark skills: swim, float, swim and jump, push, turn, and grab. Swim Basics are divided into three progressive categories: Swimmers attend lessons without parent/guardian. Parents and family members are invited to attend observation during the final class of the 5-week session unless otherwise stated.

Stage 1 - Water Acclimation
Stage 2 - Water Movement
Stage 3 - Water Stamina

Our swimming instructors will evaluate each participant at the beginning of each session and ensure they are placed appropriately within Swim Basics. Swimmers register for Swim Basics classes according to age/grade level.

** Must be age 3 before the first day of the session and must be completely potty-trained.



Summer 2024 Swim Basics Classes:

Swim Basics: Ages 3-Kindergarten

Days Times Fees

Monday, Wednesday

 4:30-5:00 pm

 $17 members / $48 non-members 

Tuesday, Thursday

 4:30-5:00 pm

 $17 members / $48 non-members 

Swim Basics: School Age (1st Grade & UP)

Days Times Fees

Monday, Wednesday  

 4:00-4:30 pm 

 $17 members / $48 non-members (For 5 week session)


3. Swim Strokes: Stages 4-6

(1st Grade & Up with Completion of Swim Basics Stage 3)

After mastering the fundamentals (Swim Basics - Stages 1-3), students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke techniques, developing skills that prevent chronic disease, increase social-emotional and cognitive well-being, and foster a lifetime of physical activity. Swim Strokes are divided into three progressive categories: Stage 4 - Stroke Introduction; Stage 5 - Stroke Development; Stage 6 - Stroke Mechanics. Our swimming instructors will evaluate each participant at the beginning of each session and ensure they are placed appropriately within Swim Strokes.

Summer 2024 Swim Strokes Classes:

Swim Strokes:

School Age: Ages 1st Grade & Up (Stages 4-6)

Days Times Fees

Monday, Wednesday 

 4:00-4:45 pm 

 $20 members / $54 non-members (For 5 week session)

Tuesday, Thursday

 4:00-4:45 pm

 $20 members / $54 non-members (For 5 week session)


Additional Swim Instruction:

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons can teach you to swim, improve your stroke technique and, more importantly, teach you to perform basic water safety skills. Ages 14 & up.
Instructor: Pam Nasman

Days  Time  Fees

Mon, Wed

 8:00 - 9:00 am

 $20 members / $40 non-members (5-week session) 

Tuesday, Thursday 

 8:00 - 9:00 am

 $20 members / $40 non-members (5-week session)

Mon,Wed,Fri (July/Aug) 8:00 - 9:00 am $25 members / $50 non-members (5-week session)

Private Swim Lessons 

Looking for one-on-one swim instruction with our trained swim instructors? Private lessons are available for children and adults. Purchase one 1/2 hour lesson, a block of 5 or 10 half-hour lessons at a time. Lessons must be set up in advance through Dani Mumford, Aquatics Director. Contact Dani at dani@warrenymca.org to schedule. Purchase a punch card at the Front Desk. Participant is responsible for presenting the punch card to the instructor. *No refunds once purchased. No replacement card if lost.

1/2 Hour Lesson: $10.00 YMCA members / $20.00 non-members.
5 Block 1/2 hour: $50.00 YMCA members / $100 non-members
10 Block 1/2 hour: $100.00 YMCA members / $200 non-members
Register: Lessons must be set up with Dani Mumford, Aquatics Director. Email dani@warrenymca.org to schedule.

Champion Swim Lessons (Special Needs Children)

Private swim lessons for our Champion special needs swimmers. Champion Swim lessons offer swim lessons with 'Swim Angelfish' instructors specially trained in overcoming roadblocks commonly seen in children with sensory processing disorders and other disabilities. Most swim lessons start as one-on-one so each child has individual attention to promote in and around the water. As the swimmer progresses, swimmers may be paired up with another swimmer for a semi-private lesson. Group size would always remain small to ensure safety.
Please email Caroline Check, Swim Angelfish Instructor at champion@warrenymca.org to schedule a swim time or for additional information.


  • Saturday 9:30 - 10:00 am
  • Saturday 10:00 - 10:30 am
  • Saturday 10:30 - 11:00 am
  • Saturday 11:00 - 11:30 am
  • Saturday 11:30 - 12:00 noon
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs - please contact Caroline to schedule

Cost: Free
Ages: 3 to 17
Register: Contact Caroline Check as indicated above to schedule an appointment.
Note: Due to the high demand for Champion lessons, having 2 no-call, no-shows for a scheduled lesson will result in forfeiture of a spot for the lesson and the participant will be put back on the bottom of the waitlist.


Summer Learn to Swim Everyone Swims!

Our goal with this free swim program is to provide lessons for the community and to teach everyone to swim in Warren County!

The EVERYONE SWIMS! swim program is a great way for children to take beginning swim lessons. Because the lessons are offered daily for 2 weeks, children tend to progress more rapidly in gaining skills and confidence. Lessons include Swim Basics instruction of the YMCA Swim Stages program. This program is available to Y members and also non-members ages 3 through 12. The morning classes will be held Monday through Friday and the evening classes Monday through Thursday. All session are 2 weeks in length. Register for 1 session or all 5! Must be age appropriate at the start of the session and must be completely potty-trained. All participants must have a swim waiver on file to register.

Registration: Opens May 8, 2024 at 8:00 am and will continue until classes are full. If unable to attend a registered session, please notify the YMCA so others may attend. 
*Children who have achieved the Stage 4 (Swim Strokes) level are not eligible for this program.

Cost: FREE to all

Ages 6-12 / Monday-Friday / 10:00-10:30 AM
Ages 3-5 / Monday-Friday / 10:30-11:00 AM

Ages 6-12 / Monday-Thursday / 5:30-6:00 PM
Ages 3-5 / Monday-Thursday / 5:00-5:30 PM

Session 1 AM: June 10-June 21 (M-Fri) PM: June 10-June 20 (M-Thur)
Session 2 AM: June 24-July 5 PM: June 24-July 3
Session 3 AM: July 8-July 19 PM: July 8-July 18
Session 4 AM: July 22-August 2 PM: July 22-August 1
Session 5 AM: August 5-August 16 PM: August 5-August 15



Please email Dani Mumford, Aquatics Director at dani@warrenymca.org with any questions about our Aquatics programs.