Warren County YMCA

Pool Schedule



General Pool Rules:


  • Please shower before entering the pool—no perfume/cologne

  • No diving in shallow end of pool

  • Please obey lifeguard’s instructions

  • An adult must accompany children ages 9 & under during Open Swim

  • Adults must be in the water with all children wearing lifejackets (or non- swimmers) & directly supervise them

  • Follow pool rules listed on the walls in the pool area

  • No food, drink or gum allowed in locker rooms or pool area

  • Masks & snorkels are not permitted during Open or Family swims

  • No shirts or cut-offs are permitted

  • Water wings or swimsuits with floats inserted are not permitted. Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets and Puddle Jumpers permitted.

  • Persons utilizing the diving board must be able to swim a length of the pool on their front without floatation device. You may be asked by the lifeguard to perform a swim test if they are unsure of your ability.

  • Swim waivers are mandatory for all persons utilizing the diving board & a green wristband must be secured at the front desk before entering the pool.

Definitions of Swim:

Open Swim— Open to anyone for recreational orfitnessswimming. Adultsmustaccompany children age 9 & under. Children using bubbles, puddle jumpers and/or Coast Guard approved life jackets must be directly super- vised by an adult in the water. Noodles, balls, masks/ snorkels/fins, swimsuits with floats in- serted and water wings are NOT permitted. 3 lap lanes available. NO Open/Lap Swim if Birth- day Party is scheduled on Sunday.

Family Swim— Open for all families to practice skills or simply enjoy the water. Adults must accompany children age 9 & under. Chil- dren using bubbles, puddle jumpers or Coast Guard approved life jackets must be directly supervised by an adult in the water. Noodles and balls are permitted. Water wings, swim- suits with floats inserted, and masks/snorkel/ fins are NOT permitted. Three lap lanes availa- ble

Adult Rec— A time set aside for adults age 18 and older to water walk, swim laps, exercise, or just enjoy the water. Please be considerate of others.

Lap Swim— A time set aside for lap swimming only. We encourage all swimmers, of any age, to circle swim & work together during peak times.

Adult Lap Swim— same as Lap Swim but for adults ages 18 & older

(32 laps or 64 lengths = 1 mile)