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**1st Saturday of every month is our Community FREE Day. Everyone welcome to visit our facility at no cost.

January 2 - December 31 - 150 Year Challenge - Register NOW

November 1st - Boys Basketball REgistration Begins

november 23rd - closed for thanksgiving

november 24th - No Swimnastics, Wave Runners, Arthritis Aquatics

december 1st - Christmas Parade - Be a Mock Macy's Balloon Presenter in the Parade

december 4th - Early registration for Jan/Feb session

december 6th - member registration for jan/feb session

December 9th - Elf in Training

december 11th - non-member registration for jan/feb session

december 15th - Boys basketball registration ends

december 16th - girls basketball games end

december 17th - Christmas Sing Along Caroling

december 24/25th - YMCA Closed

december 31st - ymca closed

january 1st - ymca closed